Zafer Kalkınma Ajansı
The strengthening of national development, the mobilization of regional potentials through locally intensive studies, and the reduction of interregional and intra-regional development disparities constituted an important aspect of the Preliminary National Development Plan covering the 2004-2006 period.
In this direction, it was envisaged to establish 26 Development Aids in the "Level 2" Region defined according to the Classification of Statistical Regional Units (NUTS / NUTS) in our country. For this purpose, Law 5449 entered into force.

T. C. Zafer Development Agency *, Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak, and was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 14.7.2009 to serve the region classified as 'TR33'. A total of 26 developments foreseen to be established by the coordination of the State Planning Organization He's taken his place among the agency.

T. C. Zafer Development Agency General Secretariat is in Kütahya. Afyonkarahisar, Manisa and Usak, our Investment Support Offices affiliated to the General Secretariat serve.

Our Agency has been working on the following axes in the Region in the direction of comprehensive and holistic nature of development, economic, social, cultural and all other dimensions:

To promote communication and cooperation between the public, the private sector, civil society representatives and scientists on issues related to regional development, to increase development awareness and acceleration by linking the work of these actors, and to take on a role as coordinator and catalyst for regional development.
To investigate the resources and possibilities of the region, to accelerate economic and social development, to increase competitive power and to bring potential development areas to the forefront.
To provide promotion and guidance services to increase domestic and foreign investments in the region strategically and in a planned manner.
In addition, the Agency is in financial and technical support to accelerate the process of achieving the objectives in the axis and to make a short-lived passion for activities that have a critical prescription for the region. From these supports, our businesses, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and organizations, universities can benefit. The financial support of the agency includes direct financing support (project proposals, guided project support and direct activity support), interest support and interest-free credit support. The Agency also provides technical assistance to local governments, other public institutions and organizations in the areas of education, project preparation, consultancy, appointment of specialist personnel, lobbying and international relations.

Agency budget is composed of General Budget transfers, transfers made by Municipalities in four provinces, Special Provincial Administrations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry also make a significant contribution. In this framework, the Agency is the intermediary institution for the transfer of national resources to the development of the region.

The Agency is obliged to carry out all these activities in accordance with the Regional Plan and programs to be implemented in the light of National Development Plan and Programs.

The Board of Directors is a consultative body and the General Assembly Secretariat is a small but effective and dynamic organization with a high level of expertise and technical capacity and a flexible and dynamic structure. Zafer Development Agency, Afyonkarahisar , Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak carry the vision of being the center of regional development and the pioneer of economic and human development.

* Decision of changing the name of the Agency to Zafer Development Agency at the meeting of the Board of Directors dated 2010 -9th and 21.10.2010 was taken and presented to the approval of the Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization. On 03.11.2010, the name and emblem of the Agency was approved by the Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization and Zafer Development Agency became official name.